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Exchange Club of Montgomery members reminisce together at 2024 ADEC Mid-Winter Conference in Irondale, AL, Feb. 10th.



         2023-2024 ADEC BOARD

President: Tim Spafford
President-Elect: Derrick Cunningham
Secretary: Linda Schoen
Treasurer:John Schoen
Immediate Past-President:
Maureen Murphy
ADEC Volunteer Field Reps.:
Tommy Holliman, Donna Jones, 
Lisa deShazo

ADEC Division Directors:
Div. 1-Carolyn Chandler
Div. 2- Dana Travis
Div. 3- Linda Schoen
Div. 4- Lisa deShazo
Div. 5- Open
Div. 6- Donna McClaney Jones
Div. 7- Judy Friday
Div. 8- Mickey McDonnell

Heading 1

ADEC President Tim Spafford (L) and NEC Region 9 VP Joe Walsh (R) deliver important updates to members.

Carolyn Chandler-ADEC Div. 1 Director at
Mid-Winter (L) and Dana Travis (R), newly-elected
ADEC Div. 2 Director-Welcome!

Gordon Stone, Ala. Higher Ed. Partnership

Derrick Cunningham, ADEC President-Elect delivers!

Mark Thomas, forester/scientist, delivered a fascinating talk on  "Man-Made Global Warming," while captivating members and guests with graphs, data, visuals, and photos.

We celebrated our 2023-2024 club year at our 2024 Mid-Winter Conference on February 10, 2024 at the Jubilee Ministry in Irondale, AL.  The Exchange Club of Irondale was the host club. The conference and delicious lunch were provided free for members and guests.  The ADEC Convention date is set for June1-2, 2024 in the beautiful city of Mobile, AL. More details to come. Lisa deShazo is serving as 2024 Convention Chair.

 Some highlights of our 2024 Mid-Winter Conference:

  • ADEC President-Elect Derrick Cunningham from Montgomery told us what he learned at the NEC DP training session in Jan. 2024 in San Antonio, TX and previewed the NEC Convention  to be held July 10-13, 2024 in San Antonio.

  • ADEC President Tim Spafford updated all club members and briefed us on the ADEC convention, to be held June 1-2, 2024 in Mobile, AL.

  • ADEC Treasurer John Schoen reviewed the ADEC Awards programs.

  • We enjoyed a delicious lunch together and especially enjoyed "John Schoen's Famous Cabbage Soup!" 

  • We were all educated and treated to a special presentation by Mark Thomas, forester and scientist on "Man-Made Global Warming"

  • We heard from Gordon Stone,  Alabama Higher Ed specialist and Mayor of Pike Road, about forging partnerships between Exchange  and the 14 public four-year universities in Alabama.

  • NEC Region 9 VP Joe Walsh showed us ALL how to load the National Exchange Club app in our smart phones and shared ideas of how to recruit new members using this app!

  • The ADEC Board met after the conference and elected Dana Travis as new Division 2 Director.


OUR 2023-2024 ADEC BOARD

President                                      Tim Spafford

President-Elect                             Derrick Cunningham

Immediate Past-President            Maureen Murphy

Secretary                                      Linda Schoen

Treasurer                                      John Schoen

Div. 1 Director                              Carolyn Chandler

Div. 2 Director                              Dana Travis

Div. 3 Director                              Linda Schoen

Div. 4 Director                              Lisa deShazo

Div. 5 Director                              Open

Div. 6 Director                              Donna McLaney Jones

Div. 7 Director                              Judy Friday

Div. 8 Director                              Mickey McDonnell

Volunteer Field Reps:

Tommy Holliman

Donna McLaney Jones

Lisa deShazo

Please watch this ADEC website as we update more about ADEC in the near future!


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